Breakfast Catering NYC

NYC Breakfast catering provided by Liberty Bagels Midtown. We offer New York style bagels, and our bagels are baked fresh daily. We have a wide variety of cream cheese flavors and a selection of breakfast sandwiches including vegetarian options. We also offer omelettes, fresh fruit, yogurt parfaits, pastries, muffins, and delicious, fresh, coffee. Everything needed for a beautiful breakfast catering spread.

Enjoy the NYC breakfast catering options of Liberty Bagels Midtown!

Breakfast Catering Packages

Here at Liberty Bagels Midtown, we have created a variety of catering packages designed to offer the perfect breakfast catering experiences for your group. We have the Midtown Express and with the Midtown Express one of our most popular catering package available, locals or visitors of New York City.
Liberty Bagels' Midtown Express includes the following items. 
  • 1 Dozen Bagels (12 Bagels)
  • 1/4 Pound of Butter
  • Choice of – 4 Cream Cheese Spreads (1/4 Pound containers) 
Just Bagels and Schmear

For groups of 12 people or more, Liberty Bagels Just Bagels & Schmear is the perfect package to experience the NYC breakfast bagel tradition at your office, place of business or hotel conference room.

The Bagels, Pastries, and Schmear package comes with the additional muffins and croissants on a catering plater

Coffee and Sides

Include your box of fresh coffee alongside your bagels catering options of Liberty Bagels Midtown.

NYC Breakfast Delivery

From our location in Midtown Manhattan, Liberty Bagels Midtown offers high quality delivery for both breakfast and lunch.

Bagel Catering in NYC

Bagel catering in New York City offered by Liberty Bagels includes our popular Midtown Express.

The Liberty Bagels Midtown Express includes 1 Dozen Bagels, (12 Bagels), 1/4 Pound of Butter and your choice of 4 Cream Cheese Spreads (1/4 Pound containers)

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