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260 W 35th Street, New York, NY 10001

Our Rainbow Bagels are beautiful creations, baked with love and a hidden source of magic. If you have traveled to New York City, and you wondering where to go for the most colourful, delicious, Rainbow bagel, we welcome you to come in to Liberty Bagels Midtown in Midtown Manhattan and experience a Liberty Bagel.

The Legend of the Rainbow Bagel

There is a reason why we have built a reputation for having the best Rainbow Bagels in all of Manhattan. It’s because the first ingredient we put in our Rainbow Bagels is lots of LOVE! It just wouldn’t be a Rainbow Bagel if it wasn’t made with love and a spirit of fun. We have been voted #1 on Yelp for having the best Rainbow bagels in Manhattan and most Instagramers know that Liberty Bagels Midtown is the place to be for the best rainbow bagels and the absolute most colorful cream cheese selection.

Where can I find a Rainbow Bagel in NYC?

Liberty Bagels Midtown is known for the best place in NYC to find a Rainbow Bagel.

Located in Midtown Manhattan, Liberty Bagels Midtown offers a big, bright, and beautiful rainbow bagel for you to explore NYC with. We also have some very colorful cream cheese varieties. Because our rainbow bagel is sweet and delicious, we recommend complimenting the Rainbow bagel with our Birthday Cream cheese and making it a truly colorful celebration.

We Celebrate The Holidays in Colorful Fashion

We love holidays here at Liberty Bagels Midtown. Every holiday gives us an opportunity to celebrate with a colorful new bagel and this is what we love doing. Stop in the Liberty Bagels in the month of June and celebrate Pride Month in NYC with us!

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  1. I was there this past weekend and had the rainbow bagel. Can I order a dozen of them to be shipped to Austin, Texas? I didn’t get to bring some home with me. Now, everyone is mad at me. haha. Thank you so much.

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